Most business people, even those with their own desktop publishing programs, recognize that, for some jobs, no amount of fancy software will replace the skills and training of a graphic designer. A graphic designer has trained in two areas that give his/her work an advantage over most computer designed work, even good work, generated by the average business person. Those two areas are: art and printing.

Art principles are the basis of good design. Graphic designers have studied these principles and use them automatically in their work. A quality piece of design work that attracts your attention and your respect reflect basic design principles characteristic of the finest paintings. Graphic designers have developed an "eye" for what works and what doesn't. To the customer, this means good quality work without endless reworking.

There is an important connection between design and printing. Graphic designers have been trained to understand this connection. They know how much "grip" the printer needs, whether certain design elements will work with textured paper, what percentage of screening will print with the effect they're looking for...they can predict much more successfully than the rest of us how a certain design will look in print. they can also suggest unusual formats that use less paper and save you money!

Our graphic design services can actually save you money! Customers tell us that there is another reason they take advantage of our services...we save them time, and time is money. The ten hours they spend developing a logo or the two hours it takes them to develop a flyer can be better used calling on customers, researching new markets, or even collecting on accounts. Hiring us to do the graphic design for their print jobs allows them to spend their time and energy at what they know best: their business!

Nevertheless, many business people today enjoy doing their own design and typesetting in a desktop publishing program on their own computer. That's fine. We can print from your laser copies, or give us your material on disk, and we'll refine it for printing.

You'll be surprised at the convenience of using SLOCO Data's graphic design services!


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